Searching for the truth
The way

                                                                     The way to contact with past lives.

There are people who claim that you need some kind of techniques or hypnosis to get contact with your past lives,but it is not true.You need to search the truth,it is enough.It is the safe way to knowledge and peace.

When you begin truth searching,it starts a process inside you,which comes to reveal your past lives for you.It takes some 20-30 years,maybe more,maybe less,depending on the person.Some people who have already searched the truth can need only 5-10 years for this.Some cannot do it in this life(because of for example too old an age),but they can continue in the next.

First you become aware of the life you lived before this present,and little by little in some years of the rest of your previous lives.Past lives are as a string of pearls,the life before this present is highest up and others downwards,in the order you have lived them.I would describe them as water or snow globes,and they are like holograms,not a firm material(look at the pictures on the next page).They are a little like static,because they have already been lived,and you can dive into them.Some lives are more "visible",others must you like "scan" to "see" them.It can be some decades or nearly one hundred years between various lives,maybe it can be less also.You have been sometimes a man,sometimes a woman in your previous lives.When you reach this stage you get a kind of peace in you mind,which lasts your whole life.

It seems that we have had different roles in different lives,you may have been a wife or a husband with someone in some life and then friends in another,maybe your father and mother have been changed in some lives,your buddies may have been your siblings or children,etc.It seems that we meet people from our past lives in this life,maybe we live with many same people(although in different roles and sexes) through centuries.Our religion has probably also changed in different lives,because we have lived in many various countries and areas.For same reason we have also lived in different races,we may have been black or Asian origin,or something else.I have not found any signs that we have changed to animals and back to humans in our past lives,as they are telling in some religions,we stay as human beings all the time.

But there is some things you cannot do.You cannot kill people,you cannot accept killing people,you cannot accept death penalty,and you cannot accept free abortion,otherwise your past lives remain hidden from you and you cannot go any further.You should act and manage so that you do not need to kill or seriously hurt anyone(for example use imprisonment instead of death sentence and non-lethal weapons or means when arresting criminals and when defending yourselves or others).You should not kill animals,anyway in large numbers,but you do not need to be a vegetarian.You can eat fish and other seafood(maybe not sea mammals) and you can kill mosquitos and other vermins.But in the whole it is better to be careful and not to kill animals in vain.

Generally you do not need to change your life,you can live as usually,get an education,a job,a family,friends,entertainment,simply live your life.You can love and live with persons of same sex,love is love regardless of if it is a man or a woman you love.Be with people and live with them,try to solve problems and conflicts with good and understanding each others.Do not isolate yourselves,life is richer and more varying with others.You can have your religion or be without,but you can add this knowledge and what follows from it to your beliefs and thoughts.

When you begin to search the truth,you little by little become aware of something bigger,something greater,which knows everything and can do anything.Many times when you are waking up from sleep,in the last dream before wake-up you can get a message or maybe some information.You can also see something which comes to happen to you or others,but then it can be a little like hidden,you cannot see exactly what will happen and when.Also other things can occur.

Truth searching continues of course in this and coming lives,but I have no idea yet what is to come or what we are.You can surely go much longer than I and many have certainly done it getting more knowledge and everything  what truth searching gives to us.

I hope this gives you some answers and hope in your life,we are something we do not know yet,the future seems bright anyway in the light of this what I have told to you.Your journey may be different than mine,but we have an exciting voyage before us!

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