Searching for the truth
About Me

I am a 64 years old man born in Finland but living now in Sweden.When still living in Finland,maybe 23 years old,I met a guy who had read about Theosophy,Buddhism and Indian religions.It started my truth searching.In the beginning I was not conscious of it,it passed many years before I became aware what I was doing.After about 18 years I got contact with the life I had lived before this present and in some years more with the rest of my past lives.Now it has gone a long time and I have decided to tell you how this happens and what it looks like,so you come to know.I hope this gives you a richer life and opens a new window for you.
 I apologize for my English,it was not the first language I learned. 

Jouko Maronen

Here I found a nice song on YouTube which fits well to this site:

A quote by Tomas Tranströmer,Swedish Nobel laureate(my translation):
"There is in the middle of the forest an unexpected clearing,which only can be found by someone who has got lost."

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