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Welcome to my site! 

Here I will write about reincarnation and tell you how you can get contact with your past lives,which are inside you.There are Buddhism and various religions which tell about past lives,but I have not seen anywhere a description about how it happens and what it is like when you come aware of them,so I decided to let you know.This is the real way,not an internet scam as in some other sites,and this is not a religion,this is how things really are.You can read about it on the next page.

In Favorite Links you can support Doctors Without Borders,Red Cross and Red Crescent organisations and The Hunger Site,where you can by clicking give free food to world´s hungry people and where you can buy products from rural artisans on the web stores.There are also some other pages on the same site,for example Child Health,Rainforest and Breast Cancer pages,where you can do the same thing.

In the last page you can contact me by e-mail or by chat,when I am online.

I hope you tell other people about this site and if you want you could translate the main parts to your own and maybe also to other languages.It does not need to be exactly as I have written,but people should get clear for themselves that they have past lives inside and can be aware of them by searching the truth.


Btw I have found an interesting person when reading a book about strange talents,Joan Grant.She is not in life anymore,but her supporters have a website about her here: .She could remember her past lives and has written many books.She practiced also as a therapist with her husband.I would recommend you to get to know her,she has much to tell us all.

Jouko Maronen

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